Collaboration of Muirkirk Clinic and Cumnock Health Centre

**Covid-19 Vaccination announcement**

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Dear Patients

We are delighted to know that the vaccines are starting to rule out in primary care. After recent announcements regarding the vaccines we are pleased to know that we will be receiving our quota for the covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccines this month. We will start the process of vaccinations as soon as we have them in our fridges. We anticipate that we will receive the vaccines in the next 3 weeks, most likely the last week of January. We will be planning to send letters to those eligible (currently over 80 years old patients) in the next couple of weeks. We are still in the process of planning and finalising how the vaccines will be delivered therefore more information will follow soon, so please bear with us.

For more information please click the link below that will direct you to our website where you can view the covid-19 vaccine leaflet.

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